Ember Shores

We're excited to announce ILLENIUM's first-ever destination event! Ember Shores is a place for connection. Where Illenials from all over the world can come together and share their love for each other and the artists they admire.

This three-day destination experience at the all-inclusive Four-Diamond Paradisus Resort in Cancun, Mexico will feature three unique sets from ILLENIUM, multiple stages (including a mainstage directly on the beach), and a curated lineup catered specifically for Illenials. There will be no shortage of non-stop fun and relaxation.

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Paradise Blue

We are proud to announce Paradise Blue, Excision's first-ever vacation destination event! Paradise Blue will bring Headbangers together from around the world for a dream escape. Relax in luxury, experience intimate performances with your favorite artists, and bring home lifelong memories of headbanging on the beach with your best friends.

This three-day all-inclusive destination experience will take over the Four-Diamond Paradisus Resort and the luxurious Marriott resort in CancĂșn, Mexico, and will feature three unique sets from Excision, multiple stages including a mainstage directly on the beach, and a lineup hand-picked by Excision.

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